Refrigerated Dryers

Simple. Efficient. Reliable.

The new compressed air dryers of Dolomite series are distinguished for their innovative technical solutions and an accurate research in the optimization of the production process aimed at containing costs.
Below, a list of the strengths of the new DD series:dolomite

  • OMI Quality
    To build the DD series dryers we adopt the same professionalism and care our company is used to. Over 25 years of experience in compressed air treatment have allowed us to achieve a high standard of quality
  • Reduced prices
    The containment of the manufacturing cost is the main reason that led OMI to seek alternative solutions that retain unchanged quality and functionality but reducing the costs of production, with the consequent decrease of the final price to the customer.
  • New design of the heat exchangers
    One of the fundamental parts of the dryer, the heat exchanger, has been redesigned by reducing the amount of components inside, rationalizing their position and decreasing the number of welds. This means lower weight, lower cost and higher reliability as the welds are the parts at most risk of losses.
  • Repositioning of the components
    Another important factor to keep costs down is definitely related to the time and resources used for the production of the machines. By optimizing the arrangement of components within the units is thus greatly reduced the time required for in-line assembly. For example, the vertical arrangement of the heat exchanger has reduced the occupied amount of space making also more accessible the inner of the machine during maintenance.
  • Cases with less metal sheets and less screws
    By simplifying the design and adopting different construction techniques, we have significantly reduced the number of screws and metal sheets while maintaining the robustness, making the disassembly easy to facilitate accessibility on maintenance operations.
  • No pressure switch and hot gas valve
    Thanks to the technology that allows changing the fan speed, the pressure switch and the hot gas valve have been eliminated.
  • Simplified control panel
    The electronic controller has been simplified, while retaining all the main functions that allow you to change some settings, as for the standard series units, and display all alarms.