Air Receivers

Designed & Manufactured to AS1210.

CAIWA air receivers are supplied with all applicable documentation to satisfy plant registration requirements.

Painted blue, ex stock vessels are available with the following capacities;

  • 190 Litre vertical air receiver
  • 320 Litre vertical air receiver
  • 470 litre vertical air receiver
  • 1000 litre vertical air receiver
  • 1500 litre vertical air receiver

We can also supply air receivers manufactured to suit specific design pressure, dimensional or surface treatment requirements.

Air receiver kits comprising a pressure gauge, safety valve and manual drain are available to suit each vessel.

Condensate management options including electric timed solenoid and float type automatic drains are available 

All vessel supplied by Compressed Air Installations WA have the applicable MDR and Australian Design Registration number to satisfy OSH 1996 registration of plant requirements.

About Air Receivers

An air receiver in a compressed air system serves a number of important functions including;

  • reduces pulsation & smooths the flow of compressed air into the piping system
  • helps with condensate removal by acting as a collection vessel
  • serves as a reservoir to cover momentary demand spikes

Please contact us to discuss your compressed air receiver requirements. Phone (08) 9303 9553 or email