PE100 Polymer Piping

The strong, smooth and flexible solution.

Satisfying all Australian standards for polymer pressure piping for compressed air, the CAIWA polymer piping system is;

  • Light weight & easy to install
  • Manufactured in Australia under the ISO9001 quality system
  • Carries a 50 year design life guarantee
  • Available ex stock in 6m lengths
  • Can be modified quickly & easily
  • Provides a leak free solution
  • Mechanical compression, socket weld & electro-fusion fittings available

About PE100 Polyethylene Pipe

High density PE100 polyethylene pipe is ideal for the distribution of compressed air. It’s flexibility makes it easy to install. PE100’s high tensile strength and 2:1 safety factor ensures it can easily withstand the air pressures required. PE100’s corrosion resistance ensures long life.

CAIWA PE100 compressed air pipe is relocatable, reusable and 100% recyclable.

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